Becca + Mike’s E-Session at Valley Forge National Park

Today’s Fall E-session from Lindsay Docherty Photography is gorgeous with all the gold and browns. How can it be not when the weather was great and the Valley Forge National Park had all the amazing colors.

According to the photographer Lindsay Docherty, Becca + Mike is, in a way, total opposites. She’s petite and he’s a “big lug”. She loves and is good at shopping, while he’s awesome at mowing stripes on the lawn. I love that they share how when they first met at a mutual friend’s party years ago, Becca basically Facebook stalked him and messaged him before they went out on their first date. I love it because let’s face it, who doesn’t do that these days???

The love between the two is apparent and combined with the gorgeous setting, you get one awesome e-session.


Photographer: Lindsay Docherty Photography//Shoot Date: 11.06.2013//Other Location:Valley Forge National Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jennie + Morgan’s Great Outdoors Engagement Session

Jennie + Morgan share a mutual love for the great outdoors, so it’s a no-brainer that when it comes time to do their engagement shoot, they chose Clear Lake in Oregon, as it is one of the places they love to hike. One of the coolest part of their engagement shoot by Simply Kissed Photography is that apparently, they brought their own “engagement canoe” for the shoot. I can’t wait to share with all you awesome readers this all-American, great outdoors engagement shoot!


Photographer: Simply Kissed Photography//Shoot Date:05.18.2013//Other Location:Clear Lake State Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Amanda + Tom’s Stunning Rustic Mint Green Wedding

There are so many reasons why this northern San Diego wedding is just perfect. Amanda + Tom are a beautiful couple, to say the least, but their decision to have their picturesque wedding at Hidden Valley Retreat has got to be one of the best decisions they made for their big day. It’s incredibly beautiful, seemingly secluded, and naturally rustic… and captured perfectly by one of our favorite photographer- heidi-o-photo, everything about this wedding is just absolutely amazing, like Amanda + Tom are with each other.

Amanda + Tom created ALL their decor pieces. Some of my favorites that they did:

~They covered the letters for the word “LOVE” and attached them above the entryway to the ceremony site.
~The silverware was tucked into cute burlap pockets they sewed (love the lace touch!).
~The table numbers were constructed by attaching mismatched house numbers to wood slices.

And of course, to pull it all together, they set up the day before with the help of their friends under the guidance of their event planner, Hannah Smith Events.

I love that not only you can tell how much fun their guests were having, but also just how much fun Amanda + Tom were having. I adore the cowboy boots Amanda and her bridesmaids were wearing, keeping the whole wedding vibe lighthearted. And just how delicious do those pies look! Talk about a great non-traditional alternative! Anyone wants a slice of peach pie?? I do!!

Much congrats to Amanda + Tom!!!


Photographer: heidi-o-photo//Wedding Date:08.31.2013//Linens and Coverings:Abbey Party Rentals Temecula//Caterer: Carriage Trade Catering//Event Planner: Hannah Smith Events//Event Venue:Hidden Valley Retreat//Floral Designer:Jill Again//Equipment Rentals: Teal Green Design &rentals//Musicians:Three Blind Mice//Makeup Artist:Touch of Grace//Cake Designer: VG’s Bakery//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Margo + Chris’ Beautiful Rustic Summer Engagement Session

This Summer engagement shoot by Daphne and Dean has got to have one of the most props I have ever seen. Margo + Chris have lots of gorgeous vintage pieces for their table decorations and big window panes hanging as one part of their backdrop in their beautiful engagement session. Check them out!


At the time of submission, Margo + Chris’ photography team Daphne and Dean told us that they’re prepping for their barn wedding. If they put in this much detail into their engagement shoot, I absolutely cannot wait to see what their wedding would be like!


Photographer: Daphne and Dean//Shoot Date:08.25.2013//Event Venue:The Dudley Farm//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Bryn + Paul’s Bohemian Spring Wedding

This is one of those weddings.  You know the kind I’m talking about.  The kind that you spend hours gazing at some of the sweetest, coolest, prettiest details and find something prettier with each view.   The kind that you return to over and over and find yourself smiling alongside some of the funnest (yes-that’s a word today) couples as if you were there kind of weddings.   Perfectly captured by Brooke Courtney Photography, this one that’s sure to make a top ten favorites list!


So let’s talk about these ridiculously amaze details that were the perfect compliment to The Old Mill‘s ivy covered walls and beautiful outdoor spring setting.  All of the fern and tree stump centerpieces brought the wonderful woodland feel inside for the reception.  To add equal parts woodsy, vintage, and boho touches the wooden garland, pearl string chandeliers and nest favors were beyond a gorgeous compliment to Bryn’s cray cray pretty floral shrug.   Bryn handmade the little yarn nests and filled them with moss, paper flowers, and a seed bomb.  While we’re on the subject of paper flowers- are you dying over those portraits yet?  

Most of all this wedding captures the fun and love between friends and family.  Three friends performed a ridiculous dance to Florence and the Machine’s,  Cosmic Love, which was a hit on it’s own!  Thank you Brooke Courtney Photography for sharing such a fun and fabulous wedding! Congratulations Bryn + Paul!

Vendor Information:

Date: April 26, 2013

Location: Rose Valley, PA

Photographer: Brooke Courtney Photography

Event Venue: The Old Mill

Candice + Anthony’s Handcrafted Vintage Wedding

Oh this wedding my crafties… it is simply spectacular! I don’t even know where to begin!  This wedding combines beer and coffee in the same beverage (cool right?), with dried flowers, a handmade gown to die for and vintage elegance made even better by the photos captured (on film, SWOON!) by Kendra Elise Photography!


From the photographer:

Candice and Anthony requested most of their wedding to be shot in film (a dream come true!)The location was perfect, the sun was shining, love for the couple was evident in every detail hand made by friends and family.The bride made her own dress..HER OWN DRESS! The groom roasts his own coffee & one of his friends brews beer, together they made a special beer using the grooms coffee!

I’m not sure becomes my new DIY wedding superhero more: Candice for creating that stunning gown or Anthony for combining two of favorite things!

Down to the last burlap rose, there is not an inch of this wedding that is short of phenomenal!  Thank you for sharing this wedding Kendra Elise Photography (and for still knowing the art of film)!  Congratulations Candice and Anthony!

Vendor Information:

Date September 13, 2013

Location: Roswell, GA

Photographer: Kendra Elise Photography

Event Venue: Roswell River Landing 

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Natalia and David’s Fall Engagement Session

It’s in the air in New York. That crisp air at night and in the morning. The chill that makes you need to layer up so that when the warm mid-day sun starts scorching you have a whole new outfit. The need to go apple picking and run through leaf piles while being playful with your sweetheart on these last days of outdoor friendly weather. Okay, maybe that’s just me, but if it sounds like fun and you have no nearby leaf piles and crisp air, then have a peek at the love session Victoria Greener Photography sent over. After seeing Natalia and David’s sweet smiles and fall fun, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.



A big thanks to Victoria Greener Photography for sharing this e-sesh inspiration with us. Congratulations Natalia + David!


Vendor Information:

Date: November 4. 2012

Location: Idaho, United States

Photographer: Victoria Greener Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Laura + Doug’s Rustic Lakeside Wedding

At the center of every wedding is an amazing couple who is blissfully in love!  Laura + Doug are literally smack dab, dead center in today’s beautiful lakeside wedding snapped up by Johnny Vy Photography, and I am blissfully in love with this wedding! In every sense of the word, they were surrounded by the people and things that they love and cherish the most.  Proving that a personalizing your wedding doesn’t necessarily require a lot of resources, just the always-around-you-forever-meaningful people and things that make you happy.

From the photographer:

In a world of commercialized weddings, Laura and Doug were a throwback to the old school way of doing things, and that’s what I love most about them.  This wedding was full of personal touches, starting with location. Doug had grown up around the lake, and it was great to hear all the stories that were told by his father and groomsmen. It really made me realize how closely knit this entire group was, and it really showed. All the little details were not overlooked, and these two really took D.I.Y a step beyond the norm.

Johnny wasn’t exaggerating either.  All of the centerpiece bottles were from Doug’s collection that he’s had since he was child.  Laura and Doug personally grew the flowers that they used.  And those cutie-pie pencils, well good thing Johnny Vy also carries a pocket knife along with his camera, since a couple of the guestbook pencils needed some sharpening throughout the day.  Talk about going beyond the DIY call of duty.  I’m kind of obsessing over the chicken wire seating chart with soda pop table names.  I don’t know about you, but I think may have to make one of those just to hang pictures in my home now.     See!  Inspiration for your wedding and yo home, how cool!

Well, it’s for certain that Laura and Doug and the center of each other’s world, and Johnny Vy Photography did an amazing job of capturing that and every little detail central to this fantastic gallery.  Thank you for sharing this wedding that’s sure to stay at the center of our hearts for a while, and congratulations Laura and Doug!



Vendor Information:

Date: November 10, 2012

Location: Agoura, CA

Photographer:  Jonny Vy Photography

Reception Venue:  Malibou Lake Mountain Club

Caterer:  Monrose catering
Hair Stylist:  Emily Dawn Artistry
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Taylor + Eric’s Epic Summer Engagement

Raise your hand if you love a good high-school sweethearts story! Alyssa Michelle Photography  has graced us with a tale of sweeties that have shared an epic ten year journey of  love, craziness, sacrifices, adventures, successes, and challenges by each other’s side.  What started as innocent glances between Taylor and Eric has built up into this phenomenal outdoor love shoot.  Complete with rustic picnic, Alyssa Michelle has snapped up all of the style, love, and romance that these two share!

From the bride-to-be:

After we both graduated from college, Eric was drafted by the Angels and had the opportunity of a lifetime!
These last 10 years have taught us the value of supporting, encouraging, missing, motivating, and loving each other through the best and the worst of times.

What awesome words of wisdom from Taylor for all couples!  We couldn’t be happier for Taylor and Eric and wish them continued success in all of their adventures!  Congratulations!  We hope you’ll share your wedding day with us too!  Thank you Alyssa Michelle for capturing this tale and life lesson in the prettiest way imaginable!


Vendor Information:

Date:  June 13, 2013

Photographer:  Alyssa Michelle Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights




Vanessa + Sean’s Artistic Outdoor Wedding

One of my favorite parts about this job (besides everything) is being introduced the amazing venues and locations you crafty lovelies carve into the perfect backdrops for your special day.  Vanessa and Sean chose For Site, a cool woodland park meets art-space that is focused on inspiring fresh thinking and a connection with nature and culture.  When I flipped through the gallery Athena Kalindi Photography has shared with us today I found it difficult to decide who wins the prize for most artistic.



The gorgeous woodland property with light filtering through the trees and random art pieces peppered about is just awe inspiring.  But Vanessa and Sean have done the property so much justice by adding such clean and classy touches their special day.  From Vanessa’s gorgeous draped gown and the modern florals and succulent centerpieces that Vanessa + Sean created, to the vintage cigar boxes and clean, fresh color palette, everything about the styling of this day was so classy and natural it’s a work of art on its own.

Of course, no DIY wedding is ever really done alone.  You have to love that Vanessa’s father wrote and performed a special song for the couple including an impromptu do-wop session with the bridal party!  And those amazing cakes were DIY’ed from a family friend too! Finally, you can’t deny that every snapshot from Athena Kalindi Photography is just as beautiful as all of the above.  Thank you Athena! Congratulations Vanessa + Sean!

Photographer: Athena Kalindi Photography

Event Venue: For Site

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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