Chrystal + Dan’s Summer Woodland Wedding

When I tell you that today’s wedding is rich in rustic details, it is the understatement of the year.  You have hit the DIY jackpot today!  Best part about it all, it’s an unintended DIY day.  With some of the most detailed DIY info I’ve ever seen since using the first DIY Bride book for my wedding, Chrystal hooked us up with all of her ideas, thoughts and creations.  Pulled together through fantastic friends and family, Chrystal and Dan’s awesome nuptials were way beyond a just a wonderful wedding celebration.  Joan Allen has brilliantly photographed this ethereal vintage meets woodsy, Lake Tahoe summer wedding into a gallery you’ll be pinning for days.

From the bride:

Daniel and I didn’t set out to do a DIY wedding, we intended more so to do “our” wedding. That meant our amazing group of friends and family would be largely involved. Without them, so many aspects of our wedding would not have happened. What came out of it was not just Daniel and I getting married, it was a celebration of and testament to community and love of which everyone was involved.   As with everything else, we couldn’t fathom paying someone wedding level costs for something we were certain we could take on ourselves plus 10 times more “us”.  The result: A concept to reality with just a little imagination.

As beautiful as every last lace covered branch on the manzanita altar is, or as amazing as the from scratch photobooth backdrop towers, my personal favorite idea of Chrystal and Dan’s was:

“the idea of asking our close friends to each take an apothecary jar and take on full direction of filling and decorating it. There were no rules, only that they knew they would be centerpieces. The creativity and enthusiasm that our friends applied to the task was amazing and breathtaking.”

Talk about personal and creative conversation starters.  The list could go on and on but I will simply say that you must lose yourself in this DIY dream gallery for a while.  A gallery that would not have been possible without the eye of Joan Allen Photography.  Thank you Joan Allen, and congratulations Chrystal and Daniel!


Vendor Information:

Photographer: Joan Allen Photo

Caterer:  The Cheeseboard

Floral Designer:  Not Just Flowers,San Francisco Flower District

Reception Venue:  Painted Rock Lodge
Dress Store:  SHADOWS
Other:  Flax Paper,Alpine Meadows Stables
DJ:  DJ Augustine
Makeup Artist:  The Decorated Bride
Jewelry:  Manika Jewelry,Dianne’s Old & New Estates
Dance Instructor:  Val Cunningham
Bakery:  Cake Works
Second Shooter:  Sarah Corbett Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights
  1. Soooo beautiful!! Great job Joanie, you are so unbelievably talented! Having been there for this very special weekend, seeing these photos instantly brought back the magic and energy like I was right there again. I have happy tears and my heart is smiling so hard it could break.

    1. Elane, it was such a fun weekend and I’m still grateful to have been asked to join! I can envision it now, your laughter with tears streaming down your face. Thank you for the compliments 🙂

  2. Chrystal and Daniel, thank you so much for inviting me to be a small part of your amazing wedding weekend and for being open to creatively try just about anything I asked of you. Hands down, your wedding is amongst my top favorite weddings I’ve ever been fortunate enough to photograph. Thank you, DIY Bride, for realizing we I did, just how special this wedding weekend was.
    ~Joan Allen

    1. It’s easy to feature beautiful work, brilliant crafts and a day that helps you feel the magic of the moment. Great work! Thank YOU, for letting us share how special the day was!

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