Julie + Eric’s Colorful, Offbeat Coney Island Engagement Session

Notfernutthin’, but my job rocks!  I get to share some super special moments with some of the most creative, fun and downright awesome couples out there.  It’s like winning a hot dog eating contest without having to run to the bodega for some Tums to take care of the agita.

Today I get to officially represent my hometown, Brooklyn, NY!  This is the perfect close out to a stellar first week here at DIYbride.  My friends, Julie and Eric’s engagement session at Coney Island is yet another testament as to why if you’re thinking of ditching the engagement session in the planning process- Fuhgeddaboutit!  For all intensive purposes, if you got a Boss like De Nueva Photography behind the camera, Madone! Yooz guys just gotta check this out!


Okay, I’m sorry, sometimes it just slips out.  For the record, Brooklynites are quite capable of using proper grammar.  Brooklynisms are just more fun.  Now that all that stereotypical slang has had the chance be set free, I really want to thank Julie, Eric and De Nueva Photographers for choosing such a fun and colorful location.  I absolutely adore the mix of beach romance and sweet spontaneity with city toughness and a bumper car war.


Even though I don’t know Julie and Eric personally, I feel their photos have captured their fun, offbeat and creative personalities perfectly.  This session truly is an example of a way to capture the spirit of your love so that you can look back on it in fifty years.

Congratulations Julie and Eric!


Vendor Info:

Photographer: De Nueva Photography

Venue: Coney Island

Submitted via Two Bright Lights



  1. I went to Coney Island as a child and it’s definitely one of my fondest memories with my dad. I love these images! The couple looked deeply in love!

    1. They look like such a happy, fun, and sweet couple it’s hard not to think good thoughts. This was a great shoot though, I’m glad you liked it Lexi!

    1. The beer does look good Dean! And you are right, it’s a great inspiration location for engagement and all kinds of fun shoots. Glad you liked it!

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