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For those of you who are newly engaged be warned: you will have approximately eleventy billion photo-taking events between now and your honeymoon. Your engagement, engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor(ette) parties, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and honeymoon are guaranteed to yield an extraordinary amount of photos from friends and family — in addition to the ones you snap on your own. Instead of letting all of these amazing memories languish on a hard drive or in the cloud somewhere, why not create beautifully bound photo albums that you can display in your home or even give as gifts? (Pro tip: Parents dig photo albums of their children.)

Great idea, right? The folks at digital-to-photo album experts, Mixbook, thought so too and have brought an easy way for you to create a modern, streamlined photo book with minimal hassle and price points that are within reach of almost everyone. The service is called Montage and it works like this:

1. You decide what images you’d like to include in a Montage book and upload them via the web application.

2. Choose one of Montage’s 13 pre-designed layouts or themes.


3. Montage will automatically sort and arrange the photos into perfectly sized and organized pages. The technology knows when your photos were taken and organizes them by date and importance. Seriously, they couldn’t have made the process more user-friendly and intuitive.

4. Preview your book. At this point, you don’t have to do anything – unless you want to swap out images, shuffle placement, edit text, or change a theme. Captions are limited to 120 words and only one text box per spread. The font choice, size, and alignment are predetermined by the theme.

5. Save and check out. The whole process of creating a wedding photo book takes about 15 minutes once you’ve selected your images and books ship in about 4 days. Seriously, they couldn’t have made the process more user-friendly and intuitive.

Let’s talk details:

Pricing starts at $39 for a small (6-inch) book. Medium (8.5-inch) is $59 and the large (12-inch) is $119. Albums are able to accommodate up to 180 photos and 70 pages. The small books would make great gifts to your bridesmaids, for example, or as thank you presents to your wedding party.  The larger books are perfect for gifts for parents or significant others or for your own mementos of the day.


Montage albums are made of quality eco-friendly leather binding and have fantastic lay-flat pages.

Lay flat pages detail.  No fighting with the book to keep it open while you browse your photos.



The great folks at Montage are offering Free Shipping for DIY Bride readers. Just use this link to save some dough on an already awesome product.

Want to find out more about Montage? You can find them on Pinterest and Facebook. And stay tuned for a special giveaway for our DIY Bride community!

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