Cricut Paper Bouquet

Paper bouquets are among our most-requested projects these days – and with good reason. They’re trendy, fun, beautiful, inexpensive, versatile (limited only by your paper), and fairly easy to make. What’s not to love, right? Well, they are very labor-intensive and many of you are short on free time for crafting.

If you don’t have the time (or simply want a shortcut) to spend days cutting individual flowers by hand, an electronic die cutter such as the Cricut Expression® 2, is your go-to tool of choice. Our friends at Provo Craft, makers of the Cricut, have shared the tutorial for making this oh-so-pretty paper bouquet.

What You’ll Need:

Provo Craft Supplies

·       Cricut Expression® 2 Personal Electronic Cutter
·       Cricut® Flower Shoppe cartridge
·       Cartridge Cuts:
·       Flower Shoppe
·       Flower centers  3 ½”, 2 ½”
·       Flowers  2”, 2 ½”, 3 ¾”, 4 ½”

Other Materials:

·       Cardstock:  pink, yellow
·       Patterned paper:  3-4 coordinating papers
·       Styrofoam ball
·       Bridal Bouquet holder
·       Ribbon:  green
·       Pearls:  on wire
·       Brown ink
·       Dabber
·       Dowels
·       Pins
·       Scissors
·       Glue gun
·       Glue sticks
·       Glue dots
·       Foam squares
·       Pencil
·       Quilling pen

Instructions For Assembling The Bouquet:

1.     After you’ve cut the flowers, ink the edges with a dauber and brown ink.
2.     When layering flowers, use foam squares in between the bottom two layers.
3.     Before you adhere a flower layer, roll petal over a pencil.  This will create the flower to lay better without creasing.
4.     Layer all pieces of the flower.
5.     Using glue gun adhere the dowel to the bottom of flower.  Dowel length’s 2 ½”, per flower.
6.     Insert flowers into Styrofoam ball.  Start with large flowers, fill in with small flowers.
7.     Cut ribbon in pieces of 3 ½

If you liked this project, we have more Cricut projects coming up as well as a review of the Cricut Mini!

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