Crystal + Luke

It may be all the holiday music I start listening to every year on November 1st, but I am getting so excited about all the winter weddings that are getting love on the blogs this time of year. Case in point: the wedding of Luke and Crystal. Their color palette is warm and rich (just like the holidays) and their wedding is so personal down to the most minute details, it’s astounding. Family and friends helped with Crystal’s hair and makeup, creating the wedding cake, bouquets, performing the ceremony music, cooking the soup and bread for the reception, as well as brewing all the beer for the reception, and stepping in to help decorate and coordinate where needed. Crystal made her own dress which she embellished with gorgeous brooch details and stitched all the fabric envelopes for their handmade invites. For their favors, Luke and Crystal sewed packets out of coffee bean bags as a nod to their working and meeting at Starbucks, and filled them with homemade yummies for guests to take home.




Location: Knoxville, TN

Photographer: Morgan Trinker of Morgan Trinker Photograpy

Venue: The Square Room

Jewelry: Francesca’s Collections

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