Danielle + Loren’s Casual Vintage Wedding

Somewhere, over a rainbow of bridesmaids, dreams do come true. And somewhere in Texas a love story is so beautiful it becomes the home that takes out the wicked witch of tragedy. Danielle + Loren’s wedding is the kind of thing that even with all of it’s inspirational DIY, proves that love and marriage are the most inspirational elements you need to have a perfect wedding. Meegan Weaver Photography has shared a very special day that reminds us to surround yourself with the things you love and you’ll find your pot of gold.


From the bride:

“We choose to get married under a big hardwood tree that I had played under all my growing up years. I never actually dreamed of getting married under it, but now I don’t think any place would have been more perfect. We took things we both liked and enjoyed then tried to include them in our big day. Things like books and cameras, picnics and campfires, quilts and record players led us to a casual vintage day. It was perfect in every way because we were surrounded by friends, family, laughter, music, and twinkling lights.”

Now Danielle, Loren, and their Do-It-Together team did a fantastic job of creating a homey yet elegant, vintage yet whimsical feel to the day. With re-purposed vintage furniture, a reclaimed wood, quilts, and vintage centerpiece goodies they created a comfortable and laid back day. Super personal touches like the embroidered place settings and the Let’s not forget to mention that you have to love the vibrant bridesmaids and the fact that the bride totally rocked a plaid flannel and bare feet! But the real charmer of the day is this couple’s story.


From the photographer:

One major thing that is very special about this couple and their wedding is that their entire family and community’s homes were burnt down in the New Mexico fires this past year. Everyone they knew chipped in to still make this wedding possible for them since most of their wedding decor had been in the homes and destroyed.

All of the homey touches add such a sweet element to this endearing romance. At the end of the day while I’ll remember the twinkling tree lights, rainbow bridesmaids, quilted backdrops, and hanging frames, I’ll never forget this sweet story. Thank you Meegan Weaver Photography for sharing it. Congratulations Danielle + Loren!

Vendor Information:

Photographer: Meegan Weaver Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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