Diana + Jimmy (and a note from Whitney)

Before we get down to the colorful fabulousness that is today’s Real Wedding, I want to take this time to let our readers know that today will be my last post for DIY Bride. Sharing weddings with you for the past year, reading your wonderful feedback, and being a part of the DIY Bride team has been inspirational and wonderful. While I don’t know where I will be settling on the internet yet, I do know it will be heavily influenced and made possible by my time here. Thank you so much for all the love, and let’s get on with what you came here for – today’s Real Wedding!

We’ve all seen dogs at weddings. As ring bearers, flower girls (I’m still waiting for a dog to show as an officiant, FYI), and guests. Diana and Jimmy’s dog was also present at their wedding – along with their pet rabbit! This is just as epic and personal as having bagpipers. Diana also showed off her dancing skills during the reception, and Jimmy showed off his pipes after the couple’s backyard nuptials. Filled with bright colors and a final dip in the pool, Diana + Jimmy’s wedding was person through and through.




Location: California

Photography: Figlewicz Photography

Catering: Liquid Bliss Catering

Hair Dresser: Jena Yanez

Make-up Artist: Jya Tao

Videographer: Lucid Tactics

Graphic Designer (favors): Christopher Brizuela


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