DIY: Caramel Apple Favor

We love edible favors! These caramel apple kits would make the cutest takeaway for any fall shower or wedding.


  • Wide Mouth Half Pint Mason Jars
  • Apples
  • String
  • Individually Wrapped Caramel Candies
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • Candy or Nuts- I used M&M’s, but you can use all sorts of goodies to roll the apples in.


  • 1-2 Minutes per jar


  • Anyone can make these, but a second set of hands is helpful when you tie the apple to the jar!

Start with a layer of whatever you have chosen to roll the finished caramel apple in. In our case that was M&M’s. Then add the wrapped caramels on top before sealing the lid.

You will then want to use the lollipop stick to puncture the apple. The stick goes in much easier when you put it into the bottom of the apple.

Tie the apple on top of the jar and you are finished! It couldn’t be any easier.

We would love to see your caramel apple favors! Email us at or use the #diybrideblog on Instagram to show us your work.

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