{DIY Challenge} Shaker Box Save the Date


Our very first DIY Challenge launches today!  It’s your chance to take a project from the DIY Bride books and put your own spin on it for a chance to win some pretty nifty prizes.  The challenge is hosted by Challengeloop, so pop on over and check out the challenge page: http://www.challengeloop.com/challenge/shaker-box.  Then come back here to get crafting!  Good luck, everyone!

Supplies (as shown)

  • 1 sheet of light blue cardstock, cut to 4.25 x 5.5 in. (back of card)
  • 1 sheet of ivory cardstock, cut to 3.75 x 5 in. (wording insert)
  • 1 sheet of light green card-stock, cut to 3.75 x 5 in. (window frame)
  • 1 sheet of transparency film, cut to 3.75 x 5 in. (window)
  • Double-stick tape
  • Double-sided foam adhesive strips, less than 0.25-in. wide
  • Shells or other extras (for inside the “shaker box”)
  • Craft sand
  • Craft knife
  • Computer and printer with ink
“Shaker Box Save the Date” // Photograph by Jack Deutch


1. Create a document in Microsoft Word on a PC. From the File menu, click on Page Setup, then the Paper tab. Select Custom Page Size from the Paper Size options. Set the custom page size for 3.75 x 5 in. tall. Click OK.

2. Set the margins. From the File menu, click on Page Setup, then the Margins tab. Set the spacing to 0.25 in. for all margins. Insert your wording, save, and print onto ivory cardstock.

Note: For this challenge, please limit your ink to one color. 

3. Adhere the printed ivory cardstock on top of the light blue cardstock with double-stick tape. Make sure it is centered and level. Set it aside.

4. Make the frame. The foam tape will raise the frame, creating a 3-D pocket and allowing you to insert the filler. On the back of the light green cardstock, draw a straight line from top to bottom and another from side to side 0.25 in. from the edge on each. Using a straight edge and a craft knife, cut along the pencil marks and remove the center.

5. Still working on the back side of the light green cardstock, run a line of double-stick tape near the inner edges.

6. Place the transparency sheet on top of the adhesive, and press firmly. (Caution: If there are any gaps where the transparency and adhesive meet, the sand and inclusions will leak.)

7. On top of the transparency, place strips of the double-sided foam tape near the inner edges of the frame, about 0.125 in. (1/8 in.) from the edge. Make sure there are no gaps or openings between the edges of the foam strips and the foam on the frame. Leave the protective lining on the surface of the tape until you are certain there are no gaps, to avoid attracting lint and debris to the tape.

8. Once the foam tape is secure, remove the protective lining on the left and right sides and bottom, keeping the top lining in place.

9. Place the window frame piece on top of the back piece you made earlier, centering the window area over the wording. Press down firmly to secure it.

10. At this stage, the top side of the frame should be open and not adhered to the backing. This will allow you to insert the sand and shells (or whatever you’re using for the shaker box) into the window box. Use a spoon to pour in the sand (a little less than a teaspoon per card), then drop the shell in.

11. Remove the lining on the top piece of foam tape and press the frame firmly into place. You now have a custom save-the-date to dazzle your guests!


For more tips and a cost breakdown for this project, pick up the book at your local book store or online: The DIY Bride: 40 Fun Projects for your Ultimate One-of-a-kind Wedding (2007)

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