DIY Crystal Stem Bouquet

Supplies Needed
• 26 gauge or 28 gauge craft wire
• Wire cutters
• Crystals, 6mm – 8 mm
• Variable speed drill
• Needle-nose pliers (optional)
• A vise or stand for your drill (optional)


1. Cut wire to double the desired finished length. (Ex: Cut to 24” if you want a 12” stem.)
2. Thread the wire through the crystal, bring ends together, centering the crystal on the length of the wire.
3. Holding the crystal in one hand, pinch the wires together under the crystal and give it a twist. [Image 1] This secures the crystal and readies it for the next step.
4. Open the chuck of your drill and remove the drill bit (if there’s one in it).
5. Insert your crystal into the drill’s chuck and secure it in place as you would a drill bit. [Image 2] Be very careful! Glass crystals will break, crack, or shatter if you close the chuck too tightly.
6. Hold the loose end of your wires tightly in one hand (or hold them with a pair of needle nose pliers). Pull the wires taught.
7. Turn on your drill to the lowest speed and, voila!, you have a tightly twisted stem in less than 5 seconds.[Image 3]


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