DIY Cupcake Tower Centerpiece

Cupcakes are a growing trend in both the wedding and the bridal shower circuit. So, it is imperative to have an elegant way to display them. Whether you want one tall tower to display your little treats or individual towers to act as centerpieces, there are simple, affordable ways to construct the custom design you want.

At my wedding, I got lucky finding seasonal wire cupcake towers at Walmart. I waited until they went on sale on Valentine’s Day, and got them for $5 a piece (normally $10). With the cheapest centerpiece I could find running for $15 (and looking really lame at the same time), I was determined to make functional, cupcake centerpieces that were both elegant and affordable. With some silk flowers, leaves, and some hot glue, I got exactly what I wanted.

But if you can’t find these wire cupcake towers on sale like I did, there’s another way to have affordable cupcake towers at your wedding (and it’s even cheaper than what I did).
Here’s what you need:

  • Various sizes of cardboard cake boards
  • Silk flowers of your choosing
  • Hot glue
  • Glasses/wine glasses (you can find these at the Dollar Store for about $1-2 a glass)
  • Tape/sticky tack
  • Pearl strands/Ribbon (optional)

Total Cost: Average around $5 per centerpiece


Deconstruct your flowers so the leaves are separate. If you’re into more garden-y/springy looks, then glue them around the border of your cake board.  If you want ribbon or pearls, glue them in the crevices on the side of the cake board.

Arrange how you want the top tier to look with your silk flowers, and glue them.

Tape or sticky-tack the bottom of a glass or wine glass and attach to one of the tiers. When assembling, place a flower underneath the glass/wine glass. If you ‘re using both glasses and wine glasses, use the broader glass as the base.
Other things can go inside the glass like beads, photos, etc.

And voila! You have a custom made cupcake tower/centerpiece that took minutes to make
(Note: if using them as centerpieces, do not make them too tall).

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  1. Thank you, Alyx! The purple one was from my own wedding and one of my favorite parts of the whole reception! My mother and I worked long and hard on them and we sent the baker flower petals so she could match the cupcakes to the centerpieces.

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