DIY: Distressed Mason Jars

It’s amazing what a little paint and sandpaper can do to really transform a piece. Check out what we did below to create these distressed painted mason jars.DIYBride_DistressedMasonJars

















  • Mason Jars
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • Nail File


  • 15 Minutes per jar (not including dry time)


Since these jars end up getting distressed there is no need for perfection here!

We chose corresponding colors to paint these mason jars. You can choose totally different colors or make them all the same, the choice is yours. We only did one coat, but if you prefer a deeper color feel free to do a second coat once the first coat dried.


If you are impatient, hit the jars with a blowdryer to speed up the drying process.


It is key to let these jars totally dry before beginning to sand them. Use the sandpaper to sand off any of the raised areas like the rim. For the thinner details, you can try using a nail file for more precise sanding.


Once you are happy with the distressing, you’re done! If you feel like you took too much off, you can always repaint and start over.


*If you are not using brand-new mason jars you will want to clean and dry them before any painting starts!

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