DIY: Floating Candle Holly Centerpieces

There are so many subtle ways to incorporate holiday touches into your wedding decor. Take a look at these holly centerpieces we made using 4 simple supplies.



  • Holly- We used imitation holly leaves, but fresh holly would be perfect too!
  • Tea Lights
  • Water
  • Shallow round vases


  • 1-2 minutes per centerpiece


  • This DIY is all about trying different positions until it looks just right.

Place 1 sprig of holly into the jar and fill with water. Manipulate the holly until you like the way it looks. Add a candle on top and light!


*We found it was easier to move the holly around once the vase was filled with water. We also discovered that tea lights float! No need to spend extra money on expensive floating candles.

How did you incorporate holly into your wedding decor? Use the hashtag #diybrideblog on Instagram or post on our Facebook wall to show us your work.

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