DIY Fresh Fruit Mason Jar Centerpieces

Just because it is fall does not mean that you cannot incorporate fresh fruit and bright colors into your centerpieces. We selected oranges and lemons to complement our fall flowers, but you could use cranberries, pomegranates or any other fresh fruit and berries to enhance your floral arrangements.


  • Mason Jar
  • 1-2 Lemons
  • 1-2 Oranges
  • Knife- To cut the lemon and oranges
  • Flowers- Whatever is in season near you


  • 15-20 minutes


  • This was much easier with an extra set of hands.


First you will want to cut the fruit into slices. There is no need to measure the cuts, but 1/4 inch slices seemed to be just right.


Next you will want to set the mason jar on it’s side and lay the fruit in the jar. This is where the second set of hands was useful. I then placed the main focal point of the arrangement in the jar. In our case it was sunflowers. My helper held the jar while I used the flower stems to hold the fruit in place. They then turned the jar so I could lay more fruit slices in, continuing to use the flower stems to hold the fruit in place. Once all sides had fruit I added more flowers so the fruit would stay put. Once completed, I filled the jar with water. Don’t worry if your fruit shifts in the process. You can use forks or other utensils to push the fruit slices back into place.


While I can say it took a few tries to get the arrangement just right, it would not deter us from making them again!

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