DIY: Gold Dot Favor Jars

It is amazing what a few dots can do to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Though there really isn’t much need for an explanation to this simple DIY watch below to see how these glass jars transform into gold dot covered favor jars.


  • Glassware (We choose screw top jars)
  • Oil Based Permanent Markers
  • Ribbon to finish them off


  • 2 Minutes per jar


  • I don’t think anyone can screw this up!

You will need to use an oil based sharpie for this DIY. If the marker is new out of the package you will need to get it started by pressing the tip multiple times until the paint fills the tip. Let your creativity fly and start sporadically covering the jars in dots.

When you are complete, use a ribbon to finish off the jar.

You are now ready to fill these babies up. Whether that means office supplies, goodies for a favor, or lotions and scrubs the possibilities are endless.

What did you fill your gold dot favor jars with? Send us your photos on Instagram Facebook. Be sure to tag @DIYBrideBlog!

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