DIY: Hanging Paper Heart

We absolutely love this hanging paper heart for garland. We know that this impressive DIY looks difficult, but we swear even the most beginner crafter can figure it out!

DIY | Hanging Paper Heart


  • 3 different corresponding paper choices
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String


  • 30 Minutes


The first heart we made was less than pretty, but after that practice round they got much easier to create!

You will want to find an image of a heart online to create a template. I traced a heart into cardboard and used that as my garland stencil. Trace the template on your three different sheets of paper.

DIY | Hanging Paper Heart

Cut out the hearts. Use the glue to connect the tops of the hearts together. It is easier to line up the hearts if you just glue the top part of the curve rather than a large area.

DIY | Hanging Paper Heart

Once all of the tops are connected use more glue to press the sides of the heart together. Keeping the heart on one side was the easiest way to ensure the areas stayed aligned.

DIY | Hanging Paper Heart

Glue any places that may have been missed so all areas of the heart are connected. Then use another dot of glue to affix a string to the top of the heart.

DIY | Hanging Paper Heart

Repeat until you have enough hearts to cover fill the length of garland you need. Tie the hearts to your garland strand and you’re done!

DIY | Hanging Paper Heart

Did you make your own garland for a shower or behind the sweetheart table? Be sure to share with us by using @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram or email us at

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