DIY Real Wedding Steffie & Mark

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Location: Holly, MI, US
Event Date:  Sep 23, 2017

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Name: ♀Steffie Winogrocki & ♂Mark Pagoto

Album Story

Whether you’re looking for a venue that offers a great spot for you and your girls to get ready, or the most intimate ceremony location, the Grand Belle in Holly, MI literally has it all from start to finish. Steffie and Mark hosted their family and friends from all over the world (literally) for the day they said “I DO.”

After months of planning and preparation, their day was finally here. These two poured so much labor and love into hosting family and friends for the celebration of their marriage. In fact, at the time of our arrival, Mark was still hard at work finishing centerpieces so that his beautiful bride could rest and get ready. But after all the details were said and done they realized one thing was left to do before they walked down the aisle… settling their hearts in prayer– and it only felt right that they did so together.

To not spoil the surprise of seeing his bride walk down the aisle for the first time, the best man did what any would do. He took off his own tie and handed it to us with a wink. We then proceeded to blindfold our groom and gently led him up the stairs where his treasured bride awaited. Intimate moments like this are the bread and butter of my job. The sweet & tender in betweens, the moments that go unwitnessed by so many. There you will find me, tearing up behind the lens right along side you.


Enjoy a glimpse into their glorious day!

Associated Vendors

Dress Store: BHLDN
Location: The Grand Belle
Photographer: Jillian Melissa Photography




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