DIY Retro Straw Vase Centrepiece for Under $20

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While browsing for centerpiece ideas on Pinterest recently, I came upon a pin which really caught my attention. It was a cute idea to make festive vases using red striped candy canes to decorate a plain vase or jar. One thing which I had been searching for was a unique yet relatively cheap way to add some color and focus to our table arrangements without having to expand on our flower order. So, I had a play around with the concept and looked to make this candy cane idea a little less seasonal yet just as simple to do. So here for you to copy is my short, and incredibly easy tutorial to make your very own “Retro Straw Vase.”


  • 1 small glass vase or jar (washed and cleaned) – a cylindrical vase or jar about 7” in height works well
  • 2 small rubber bands
  • 2 packs of retro striped paper straws (1 pack = 25 straws)*
  • 1 length of ribbon
  • 1 pack of tissue paper
Using a clean jar or vase, arrange your straws around and secure with a rubber band


  • Get the vase or jar and stretch one band over the top of the vase and one at the bottom, each about 1 1/2 inch from the edge.
  • Feed the straws between the rubber band and vase until it is completely covered all the way around.
  • Gently re-position the top band towards the center of the vase and remove the bottom band.
When the vase or jar is completely surrounded by straws, cover the band with a decorative ribbon
  • Get your length of ribbon and tie around the center of the straw covered  vase on top of the rubber band.
  • Ensure your ribbon is tied securely and carefully trim any excess length.
Make the tissue flower by folding into a fan, tying the band at one end and carefully separating the sheets to create your bloom
  • To make the tissue paper flower, take your tissue paper and place 3-4 sheets on top of one another.
  • Fold the tissue paper layers in half, then fold to make a fan with the folded edge along the bottom.
  • Using your spare rubber band, tie the band at one end about 1 inch from the bottom.
  • Holding the tissue fan, gently separate the sheets of tissue paper layers (as you would do to make a tissue Pom Pom) creating a half sphere.
  • Arrange the tissue layers to resemble a large flower bloom and simply set in the vase.

Of course, you can go ahead and fill your new vase with real flowers if you so choose, or even use it to house the weight for a balloon centerpiece  Or, if you’re after a more rustic looking centerpiece, you could substitute the straws for small twigs cut to about 8-inch lengths.


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