DIY: Snow-covered Bottles

Recognize these glass milk bottles? We loved them so much we decided to bring them back for another DIY! Read below to see how to make snow covered bottles that would make for some cute and festive winter centerpieces.



  • Glass Vase or Bottle
  • White Spray Paint
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Epsom Salt


  • 10 Minutes per bottle (Not including drying time)


Our glass bottles were already white from a previous DIY, you can click here to check them out! If your bottles are not be sure to let them dry completely before using your spray adhesive. Once the bottles are totally dry use the spray adhesive to apply a thin coat. I did not spray the whole bottle, but sprayed a heavier concentration at the bottom and lighter towards the top. Let that sit for 1 minute until the glue starts to get a bit tacky. Roll the bottle in epsom salt and set to dry.


Tap the bottle so any excess epsom salt falls off, and you’re done!


How did you incorporate these snow covered bottles into your winter decor? Share with us on Instagram or post your photos to our Facebook Wall!

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