DIY: Spring Floral Centerpieces

With spring hopefully right around the corner, I wanted to share a few ways to incorporate color into your centerpieces. Don’t assume that flowers are the only way to add a pop of color into your decor. You can browse below to see unique ways to have your centerpieces pop amongst a bouquet of white flowers.

Why not use food coloring to add a splash of color to your water in your floral arrangements?! This is a simple yet bold way to add a pop to your event space.


Explore your local produce section to find bright colors to enhance your tablescape. I chose lemons to fill these tall vases however limes, oranges, or apples would be beautiful as well.


Fresh fruit is not the only think you can find in the grocery store to make a beautiful centerpiece. Try some dried beans or lentils for color and texture. I used two bags of dried split peas.


Inspiration for centerpieces can be found all around you just need to look for them.


Did you use white flowers for your spring floral centerpieces? We would love to see what you made. Tag us on Instagram @DIYBrideBlog or shoot us an email to



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