DIY: Tissue Paper Pom Poms

These tissue paper pom poms would be a cute addition to a bridal shower tablescape or a fun decoration to any celebration that you are planning. They were so simple to make that even my craft-impaired husband was able to successfully assemble these tissue paper pom poms.


  • Pipe cleaners or thick wire
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper- I chose 2 colors per pom pom, but 1 color would do just fine


  • 5-10 minutes per pom


  • This is was an incredibly fast and easy DIY!

You will need between 6 and 12 sheets of tissue paper. I did 3 of each color.

If you would like to make smaller poms cut the tissue paper in half. If you want bigger poms then you can leave the tissue paper whole.

Stack the tissue paper on top of each other

Accordion fold the stack of tissue paper lengthwise until you have reached the other side.

Tie a pipe cleaner around the center to create two fan shapes on either side of the pipe cleaner. Trim the access wire after you have wrapped it tightly.

You can leave the edges of the tissue paper how they are or trim them. I chose to trim the ends in a half circle to give the pom poms a scalloped edge. You could also cut the ends into points if you’d like.

Spread the fans back out so you can begin pulling the sheets of tissue one by one towards the middle. Once you have gotten through half of the sheets of tissue paper flip the pom over and start pulling the sheets toward the other side.

After you have pulled all of the sheets of tissue paper your pom pom is complete!


*The bigger the pom pom you want to make, the more sheets of tissue paper you will need.

Did you incorporate tissue paper pom poms into your wedding decorations? Email us at or use the #diybrideblog on Instagram to show us your work.

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