Crêpe Paper Flower Place Cards

Spring is finally here and that means spring weddings! Glorious events full of color and light. Get right into the spirit and transform your wedding venue into a spring paradise by making these DIY delicate crêpe paper flower place cards.

They’re a breeze to craft, easy to adapt to your theme, and will turn your wedding tables — or escort table — into a garden of spring magnificence.



  • Crêpe paper
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Green cardstock
  • A small glass, vase or bowl (for shaping the base)
  • PDF printable
  • Wire pliers (optional)


Step 1: Cut out flower petals

There’s no real science or precision to this step – draw elongated petals on the crepe paper and cut them out. If you’re gifted — or confident — you could also cut the petals out without drawing them first. You’ll need four petals per place card.

Step 2: Place petals

One by one, place the petals around the tip of the floral wire.

Step 3: Prepare the tape

Cut a small (approximately one inch) piece of floral tape and stretch it lightly.

Step 4: Wrap tape

Stretching the floral tape as you go, wrap it around the base of the flower, then softly twist to fasten it into place.

Step 5: Shape the petals

Using your thumbs, gently stretch each petal from the center out, then smooth out the curve with your thumb. Slightly vary the length of the curve on each petal to create a more interesting look.

Step 6: Shape the wire

Using a small glass, vase, bowl or some other round shape, guide the wire into a circle.

Step 7: Twist the wire

Twist the floral wire around the stem of the flower to close off the circle shape.

Step 8: Print the leaves

Type your guests’ names into the printable PDF (or leave it blank if you’d rather write them in yourself), save and print onto green cardstock. For an extra special effect print some names onto dark and some onto light green cardstock.

Step 9: Cut out the leaves

Cut out all of the leaves – big and small – from your printed template.

Step 10: Glue leaves together

Place glue on the inside of the smaller leaves and glue the larger leaves on top at a slight angle. For an extra special effect, pair light and dark green leaves together.

Step 11: Prepare floral tape strip

Cut strips of floral tape measuring the same length as the small leaf.

Step 12: Glue tape to floral wire

Using craft glue, carefully stick the floral tape to the additional wire on the flower place card.

Step 13: Glue leaf to wire

Glue the smaller leaf to the wire and allow for the glue to dry.

Step 14: Trim the tape, clean the glue

Once the glue has dried trim the floral tape (and additional wire) around the top of the leaf, and wrap the floral tape at the base of the leaves around the stem. Scrape off any glue that has snuck out where it doesn’t belong.

Step 15: Repeat

Make more petals, shape more wire and glue more leaves until you have a spring flower place card garden.

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