Flower Girl Headbands

Your flower girls are probably pretty cute already, so just think how cute they’ll be when you put these ribbon flower headbands on them. Prrreeettty darn cute. Yup. Plus you’ll get to use a hot glue gun and that’s pretty fun.



  • Two lengths of ribbon
  • Material
  • Thumbtack or button
  • Material scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: Draw a flower
Draw a five- or six- petal flower on the left (ugly) side of the material.

Step 2: Cut out flower
Cut out your flower and turn it so that the right (pretty) side of the material is facing up.

Step 3: Glue ribbon
Using the hot glue gun, stick one end of the ribbon to the center of the material flower.

Step 4: Fold and repeat
flower-girl-headband-step-4-fold petals
Fold the ribbon over and direct it onto another material petal, gluing it in the center as you go. Repeat this step until you’ve made ribbon petals that match all of the material petals.

Step 5: Make stamen
Stick the thumbtack or button to the center of the flower.

Step 6: Stick ribbon
Using the hot glue gun, stick the second length of ribbon to the back of the flower. You’re done!

Step 7: Repeat
Make more, until your flower girls are as adorable as adorable can be.

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