Tulle Flower Shoe Pins

If you feel like your wedding shoes could do with a little bit of sumpn’ sumpn’ don’t be afraid to grab a hold of some scissors and get creative. Making your own shoe embellishments is actually super fast, easy and cheap. You don’t even need fancy bits and pieces or tools.

Plus, if you make your own shoe pins, you can match them exactly to your wedding color scheme, the color of your husband’s eyes or use them as sneaky way to incorporate your “something blue” into the wedding. And since they’re completely versatile and movable, your DIY shoe pins can even tie the bridesmaids’ shoes together if your gals have chosen different styles. Here’s how to make the magic happen:



  • Chiffon or tulle material
  • Needle
  • Thread (in color that matches the material))
  • Material scissors
  • Hairpins
  • Shoes


Step 1: Cut two pieces of material


Cut two pieces of material. Each one should be a bit wider and approximately seven times longer than the hairpins.

Step 2: Fold material


Fold the material in a zigzag pattern.

Step 3: Slide into pin


Pinch the material in the center and slide it into a hairpin. Make sure it’s even on both sides and on both pins.

Step 4: Slide pins onto shoes


Slide the pins onto the center part of your shoes and make sure that they are balanced.

TIP: If you worry about cutting and sewing around your wedding shoes (particularly if they’re white), you can always use a different pair to do the crafting and then move the pins to your wedding shoes once they’re done.

Step 5: Trim


Pinch the material to the center and trim it by half an inch. Repeat so that both pins look the same.

Step 6: Pinch and sew



Pinch the material up and sew the material from one side of the pin to the other until the shape is even and looks nice. Repeat with the second pin.

Step 7: Trim


Use the material scissors to trim both flowers on the pins to shape. Once you’re finished you can take them off and put them back on as you like.




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