DIY: Vegetable Stamped Cards

Today on the blog we are combing two things that you may not think go together, vegetables and stationary. Nature is a beautiful thing and we are putting it to use with our DIY vegetable stamped cards.

DIY: Vegetable Stamped Cards


  • Blank Stationary
  • Ink Pad
  • Radicchio or Romain Lettuce Bunch


  • Minutes!


  • This is another simple and impressive DIY.

Take your radicchio or romain lettuce bunch and use a rubber band to hold the leaves together.

DIY: Vegetable Stamped Cards

Slice the bottom stem off and use a paper towel to dry any moisture that may form. I left it cut side down on a paper towel for about 10 minutes.

DIY: Vegetable Stamped Cards

Press on ink pad, test stamp to get off any excess ink, and press onto your stationary!

DIY: Vegetable Stamped Cards

*Be sure to test stamp on plain paper before committing to your stationary! You may also test to see what side of the cut lettuce looks better when stamped, whether that be the top like I used or the stump end.

DIY: Vegetable Stamped Cards

Okra stamps little flowers and celery bunches also make cute impressions. Take a walk around your produce aisle for more inspiration; we would love for you to share your veggie inspiration. Send us your photos on Instagram or Facebook, and be sure to tag @DIYBrideBlog!

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