DIY Wedding Invitations With a Twist

DIY means do it yourself – we know that, but when it comes to DIY wedding invitations you don’t have to do ALL of it yourself! Leave the hard parts to the pros and only take the fun parts into your own hands. Let us explain…

When you think DIY wedding invites you think heading to the kraft store with your mom or a good friend, picking out the paper and the accessories, and heading home to a solid month’s worth of cutting, gluing, and trial and error in order to create the perfectly custom wedding invitations. Right?! That can be fun if you are having a small get together or maybe for your bridal shower or bachelorette parties, but when it comes to your big day sometimes DIY isn’t your best option. If DIY is your thing though we have a win/win solution for you it’s called Basic Invite!

Basic Invite is an online stationery design company. They carry stationery products for all of those major life moments like newborn announcements, graduation invitations, and of course our favorite topic… wedding invites. There is so much to love about this company especially for us DIY lovers because you can get the best of both worlds; custom designs with a little less do it yourself.

When choosing Basic Invite as your wedding invitation vendor there are so many options that will make your wedding planning process so much easier! They have almost 800 wedding invitation designs to choose from which mean any style you have in mind will be at your fingertips. With 180 custom color options and the ability to instantly edit every aspect of the design you choose means a truly custom wedding invitation every time. Their instant preview technology makes it so easy to mix and match colors and font styles until you land on the perfect combination and a unique overall look.

This is an option that will allow brides who like to have more control over their wedding plans the peace of mind to create something custom and unique, but with a lot less work and much more fun! Who doesn’t want to be their own digital designer?! Basic Invite has real wood wedding invitations, an all-new clear collection, they offer raised and flat foil in three different color options, and they just rolled out their online wedding website builder which are to die for! You can choose a design to match your wedding invitations, collect your guest addresses online, and provide all of your day of details to make things super simple for your guests.

Basic Invite is a DIY lover’s dream! And they are currently offering 15% off everything with code 15FF51. Check out their social media on all platforms at @basicinvite for all the inspiration you can handle and get to customizing!

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