DIY: Wine Cork Heart

Whether you are having a wedding set at a winery, or you and your fiancé are avid wine lovers, these wine cork hearts would be a great addition to your wedding decor.


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Corks


  • 5- 10 Minutes


  • As long as you can hot glue, you’ve got this!

I choose to make a heart with my corks, but perhaps you would rather make you and your partners’ initials. I tired to freehand it at first, but my inner perfectionist cringed, so that’s when I turned to the internet and printed out a shape. Once you have your template, lay the corks along the outer layer. I suggest laying the corks out before any hot glue is applied. This way you can make any appropriate adjustments if needed. I placed all wine stained corks faced down, so when I flipped the finished project over I could see their pretty colors.

After the layer is set,  go back through and use the hot clue to affix the corks to one another. I repeated this process for a second layer to give the heart more structural integrity.

How easy was that! You can purchase corks at your local craft store or collect them yourself. I mean, who doesn’t love a glass of wine… or two? Please note DIY Bride does not condone drinking and crafting 🙂

You can place your finished wine cork hearts on your gift table or hang them with ribbon lining your aisle way. The possibilities are endless! What did you create using corks for your wedding? Be sure to share with us by using @DIYBrideBlog.



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