Easy Lovebird Guest Book Card Tutorial


One evening when I was elbow deep in cut-outs from Bridal magazines, I finally succumbed to Pinterest. I already had enough commitments, social-media wise, so I thought, do I really need another online addiction? Apparently, yes.

Let’s be honest: there is nothing better than Pinterest for seeing how a scheme is really coming together. And hey, my computer is running an awful lot quicker now I’m not constantly right-clicking on inspiring images and saving them to my wedding folder, and my living room floor is free of magazine scraps, too. Most of the time.

This is not one of those times, and Pinterest – I hold you responsible. For I have been unable to scour the wedding section of late without coming across a lovebird here and a vintage birdcage there, to the point where I was becoming a little concerned that I had not hopped onto the lovebird trend. So I hatched a plan (pun intended) and looked to create both a fun guest book alternative and incorporate a birdie element into my own wedding plans. So, my living room floor was once again covered in cut-out pieces of paper.

These little birdie cards are ideal to leave at each of your guest’s place settings for them to fill out a “tweet” for your alternative guest book.


  • A few pages from an old book (I had a spare Twilight book which will also be dutifully sacrificed to make confetti)
  • Scissors
  • Black pen (biro or other such pen with a fine tip)
  • Red felt pen (or Sharpie)
  • Pencil
  • Kraft card
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Letter transfers

basic equipment

Step 1- Simply use your home printer and print out this swallows_template onto a few pages (each printout will contain enough birds to make 6 cards).

Step 2- Along the bottom of the page, draw and color six small hearts.


Step 3- Cut out the birds, leaving a few millimeters, or about 1/8 inch, around the bird and carefully cut out the heart shapes.

Step 4- Divide your Kraft card into your desired size – I cut an A4/Letter card into six equal pieces for ours.

Step 5- Arrange your pieces along the top of the Kraft card  – two birds facing one another with a heart between them – until you are happy with their spacing, and then glue into place.

Step 6- Taking your letter transfers, and using a pencil, carefully print your names underneath the birds.

Step 7- Using a ruler, draw several lines across the card leaving a small gap at each end.


Step 8- Again, using your transfers, print LOVE along the bottom center of each card.

And there you go – your lovebird guest book cards ready to be filled in by your guests.

To tie the theme together, why not provide a vintage birdcage for your guests to post their complete cards, and make a small sign with instructions “be sweet and leave a tweet” in front?


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