Sherry + Ryan’s Elegant Halloween Wedding

Okay, this may be a little late, but we can’t let a little bit of blog maintenance deprive you all of the awesomeness that is this Halloween wedding! I’m a huge fan of this holiday and I love when couples celebrate their wedding day in ways that are important to them. Sherry and Ryan did just that.  They wanted an elegant goth wedding with little hints of Halloween, and the bride added lots of handmade, unique touches to make their day even more special. From the bride:

“For my bridesmaids: I helped them all choose dresses that would fit their body type in any type of black and white polka dot design they wanted. We got them from a variety of stores, and one bridesmaid even altered her dress to add polka dots. I wanted everyone to have a fun and affordable experience, which stemmed from being in plenty of weddings myself and knowing how expensive those bridesmaid dresses can be. Plus I hate ‘matchy matchy’ bridesmaids. Then I helped accessorize them with orange for a Halloween feel, each fitting their own personalities. For example, my now sister-in-law wanted a little shrug for her shoulders and she loves candy corn, so I scoured the Internet for candy corn shoes! This way everyone felt comfortable.”


“Almost all the decorations outside of the centerpieces and the bouquet were made by me. I started shopping a year ahead of time and started collecting elements that I knew I could rework into my vision. We ran around getting Styrofoam pumpkins, ribbon, and various items and stored them until we were ready. I also haunted every vintage, resale and salvage shop looking for BIG vintage frames. The hallway leading to the reception hall is usually used for local artists work. One them we wanted for our wedding was to have a a celebration with our closest friends and family. So I chose to create black and white photo collages of our bridesmaids and groomsmen weddings, family pictures, friend’s wedding pictures, etc., that we hung in the frames in the hallway. This turned the hallway literally into a walk down memory lane.

“I also arranged for friends and family to get together for pumpkin carving parties closer to the wedding, to carve all the fake pumpkins and real pumpkins (nearly 100 total)! It was a fun time for both families to get together and for everyone just to have a silly fun time. These were found EVERYWHERE – outside as arrows directing guests to the theatre, as a ‘thank you’ as people left, and as lighting throughout the reception space.”

“We utilized a lot of vendors from Etsy, and I worked with them for 6 months prior having special items created from my vision. For instance, a custom dyed crinolines for my wedding dress, which was ivory on top with black ruffles underneath, Halloween initial charms for each bridesmaid, video game cuff links for the groomsmen, and a fascinator created by an artist in England, who even teased that she was going to sell more of my design and name it ‘Gypsy.'”

“Although I did have Virtuous Events create the actual bouquet, I had collected ribbons for each bridesmaid that complimented their outfits and had her use those to wrap the flowers, and I also included felt flowers. For the groomsmen, I hand sewed felt circles with Halloween button centers for her to work into the boutonnière. Lastly for my bouquet I had found a iridescent spider for her to add as a finishing touch.”


“One very special DIY was my black cape. I always leaned towards being a little goth in high school and freshman year I begged my mom to make me a black cape for my theater banquet … and winter formal … and for prom … and for graduation … and then college graduation … you probably get the picture. I never got it. I learned that my mom had started it, had a sewing nightmare, and never finished it. Well, for our wedding she completed it, and it was the most elegant, beautiful touch ever. And now a keepsake.”


I, for one, am very glad Sherry’s mom got around to making that cape, because it’s the perfect STUNNING edition to this gothic wedding.  Check out the gallery below and I challenge you to choose just one favorite image.  This wedding is Halloween done right, folks!



Photographer: Two Birds Photography

Event Planner: Virtuous Events

Venue: Towle Theater

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Halloween wedddings are some of my favorites! There is so much you can do. I love that this couple went all out with theirs, it really shows their personality.

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