Engagement rings 101

Ladies, how many of you know exactly what you want in an engagement ring?  And, how many of you trust your beau to pick the right ring?

We’d like to know: Do you prefer to pick your own ring or be surprised by your fiance’s choice? 

Prefer a designer ring like the ones made by Cartier or Tacori?  We came across a new site recently that has everything you need to know about designer engagement rings: visit at www.designer-engagementrings.org.

Either way you prefer, there are a variety of places online to browse for ideas, educate yourself about diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, and even design your own engagement rings and matching wedding bands.  A simple Google search for engagement rings will turn up the most popular jewelry stores in your area – but how about a custom ring?  Try Googling these keywords: designer engagement rings, custom wedding rings, or unique jewelry designers.

(Guys, listen up!) The perfect proposal ends with the perfect ring.  Aim to overwhelm rather than underwhelm with a solitary diamond that shines as much as she does.  The engagement ring is something a girl will wear forever, so it needs to be stunning and classic.  It should make a statement about your feelings for her, and she should be proud to wear it.   From most other brides I’ve talked to (including myself), us ladies want something special, something unique, and something sparkly.

I’ve never met a girl who didn’t like shiny diamonds, but think about her style – what type of jewelry does she wear: colorful, simple, eclectic?  My number one piece of advice would be to browse online together, and pay attention to her “oohs” and “aahs!” Also, check out her jewelry collection – does she like silver or gold, gemstones or pearls, small or big pieces?  Use this information to guide you to the perfect engagement ring.

For me, I knew what type of engagement ring I wanted, but my fiancé and I never had the chance to shop together.  He wanted to surprise me with a ring he selected.  I’m rather picky, and unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed by the ring; actually, I didn’t like it one bit.  It took almost a year to confess, but I finally was able to tell him how I felt about the ring.  My vision for the ring was a custom designed birthstone engagement ring.  He never asked me what I wanted, so how could he have known?

(Hint – just ask your girl what she wants.  Even if she says she doesn’t care, she does. Make time to check out all the options and get to know her preferences).

So, I ended up trading in the original ring for a one I custom designed using a large dark amythest stone as the centerpiece, and a diamond-encrusted band.  I love my ring, and I constantly get compliments on it. I was able to get the work done through my local jewelers, but it can also be done online.

Click here to see my ring.


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