Erin + Cameron’s Thrifty & Stylish Wedding

First thing that popped in my head when I looked through Erin + Cameron’s photos by Shirock Photography was the word character. This couple is not shy about expressing how much fun they are having nor how in love they are, a quintessential combination that every wedding photographer dreams of for their perfect couple. They’re just exuding so much personality and style, it’s really hard not to smile and giggle and go awwwwww at the same time.

Erin + Cameron are ALL about being thrifty in the best way possible for their California summer wedding. With their share love for old things, they scavenged through their parents’ closets and barns for things they can use for their decors- jars, old books, trinkets, and tons of fabric.

I’m in love with Erin’s vintage-y dress and the flower wreath that she wore on her head after the ceremony, as well as on the heads of those super adorable flower girls. According to Erin, Cameron’s mom planted all the flowers that were used in the wedding a few months prior to the wedding… so that all the flowers would bloom in time to use! They had a big BBQ the night before the wedding, and Erin delegated her bridal party to go around and cut all the fresh flowers to use the next day. Talk about fresh flowers at low cost!
The banners and strips of vintage-y fabric were surprisingly easy for Erin to do. They acted like curtains as decor throughout the venue. I especially *heart* the ones hanging down from the tree. So uber romantic! It was an easy project that made a big statement, AND she could delegate other people to help her with it.

And if I counted correctly, Cameron had fourteen groomsmen in his party. Whew! I think it’s totally awesome that Erin + Cameron took such a carefree and unorthodox approach on their wedding day… they totally focused on what’s important to them, and everything certainly paid off! Thank you for showing us how to stay stylish and thrifty yet the same time!


Photographer:  Shirock Photography//Wedding Date: July 14, 2012//Location: California//Hair Stylist:Ballyhoo Salon//Caterer:BStroh Catering//DJ:Cameron Duff//Dress Store:David’s Bridal//Jewelry:Kenneth Cole//Floral Designer: Rosemary Duff Florist//Cinema and Video: 618studios//Event Venue: Bates Nut Farm//

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  1. I LOVE these pictures. There are no overly posed photos and the bride’s happiness is radiating through her! Candid photos are the most telling and it’s nice to see them for a change, rather than photos of a straight faced bride trying to channel a styled magazine look. I was starting to wonder if smiles were going out of styles in wedding photography.

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