Felice and Ben’s Athletic and Peaceful Engagement

If love is a marathon and not a sprint, what happens when you fall in love at a race?  If we take a lap from Felice and means you get engaged and celebrate a wedding at the finish line!  Stephanie Court Photography has captured an awesome engagement session with these two runners that perfectly fits their personalities being equal parts active and athletic as it is relaxed and peaceful.




From the photographer:

These two lovebirds have the kind of relationship movies are made of. They feed off each other in a way that’s so rare and so beautiful to witness. Felice’s high energy brings out Ben’s playful spirit – running in the surf, climbing old trees, and hiking up sea cliffs – while Ben’s peaceful, loving nature calms and anchors her.

I love the story of how these two met.  As avid runners, the pair met at the starting line and kept pace with each other throughout the race.  They kept each other company until Felice’s competitive spirit kicked into high gear, and she took off to capitalize on an opportunity.  She made sure to wait for Ben at the finish line.  In the end, the move not only placed her higher in the race, but won the trophy of Ben’s heart.  Sweet move Felice!  Thanks Stephanie Court Photography for keeping up with these two and capturing such beautiful images.  Congratulations Felice and Ben!

Date: October 20, 2012

Location: Pacifica, CA

Photographer: Stephanie Court Photography

Event Venue: Moss Beach

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