Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids from the Bride

As the wedding date gets closer, the little details begin to elevate in importance. As the weeks tick down, the last-minute preparations often include confirming (and re-confirming!) plans with vendors, final fittings for your dress and packing for the honeymoon. But for many brides, there is usually one more important purchase: gifts for the bridesmaids.

While, according to Bustle, 4.5 bridesmaids is the average number of bridal attendants, maybe you have a whole squad of ladies standing beside you or perhaps you just chose one or two close friends or relatives. Regardless of how many honorable maids and matrons will be preceding you down the aisle, they have probably each helped you along the way…throughout the journey of the engagement and the planning.

Wedding etiquette dictates that the bride should present each of her attendants with a gift for serving in the wedding. And The Knot recommends that brides should spend around $75 to $150 on each bridesmaid.

Every woman, however, has her own unique style. So what do you get each attendant without seemingly showing favoritism?

Brides often struggle with the attendant gift idea. While you don’t have to get anything luxe, you should give each woman something meaningful. If you’re struggling with gifts for your bridesmaids, check out these ideas:

An Initial Necklace

A simple gold or silver chain with each woman’s initial is both simple and timeless. Just make sure the chain length isn’t awkward against the bridesmaid’s dresses. If the budget allows, you may also include a birthstone charm. Check out Etsy or your favorite jeweler for ideas.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl stud earrings are classic and elegant. But you don’t have to buy expensive pearls. Freshwater pearls are beautiful and very budget-friendly…and pearls come in a variety of colors to complement each woman’s style preferences.

A Unique Piece

Maybe you want to select a gift that captures each attendant’s unique style. If some of your bridesmaids loathe conservative jewelry, celebrate their individuality and pull inspiration from their personal fashion. Consider edgier options like zodiac pendants, celestial jewelry, or even a vintage gift like a stainless steel spoon ring (love them!) or an authentic 70s owl pendant. One of my favorite necklaces features a mustard seed encased in a plastic teardrop charm, and it is extremely sentimental to me. You can stray from traditional jewelry and make a statement instead.

Totes Adorable!

Monograms create a sweet, personalized touch, and monogrammed tote bags for bridesmaids double as both a gift and a classy gift bag. Choose a tote in your wedding colors or give each woman a tote in her favorite color. You can fill the tote with comfortable foldable ballet flats for dancing at the reception, some survival items for the wedding day, and a cute cashmere wrap (if it’s a fall/winter wedding).

A Spa Day

Gifts don’t have to be something tangible. Many brides treat their group to a spa day—with the bride snagging the tab! Have nails painted and make-up and hair perfected for the big day. You also may treat each woman to a relaxing massage, because bridesmaids need to relax, too!

No matter what gifts you choose for your attendants, keep the purchase meaningful. Don’t buy something just to check off the box on your to-do list. Start thinking about what to get your favorite squad a few months before the wedding…and surprise each woman with a gift that she will love!



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  1. I LOVE what brides come up with as gifts to the ladies that have had her back for years, but also during this time in the wedding planning process! Giving them a token of appreciation is also a beautiful visual plus! I love the fun things I see brides come up with! 🙂

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