Great for the Holidays: Twist Cards from Envelopments

[Twi-st]: to turn or rotate, as on an axis, to change orientation or direction, a turn of events, a clever maneuver.

As creative individuals, we are constantly looking for the ahhh factor when representing ourselves to our tribe of family and friends.

This pursuit has been the driving force behind the past two decades of Envelopment’s design philosophy.  We see our paper offerings as a blank canvas in a multitude of beautiful formats and a myriad of colors. In 2010, we put ourselves to the task of finding a way out of the “sea of sameness”, when it came to Holiday Photo Cards.  The result of our quest gave this genre a long overdue face lift, and the Twist Card was born. Initially available in a limited release of 12 colors and just in time for the Holiday Season, the response was overwhelmingly positive with our Design Community. They then begged and pleaded with us to make them in all 250 colors of cardstocks in our line (which we of course did in 2011).

What we love about Twist Cards is their versatility; they are also a compelling format to use for Baby Announcements, and Save the Dates, actually they’re perfect for any occasion. They can hold their own on a desk or mantle and always stand out in a crowd. In the hands of the giver, Twist Cards are simple yet dimensional, giving you two sides to get your message across. In the hands of the receiver they are like a small gift that heralds a new life; a change of season; or a date to remember.

What our customers love about them is that they are different. They are not over the top nor like everything else that comes in the mail. Twist cards are memorable; they look amazing in their simplest form or decked out in layers. For those of you just married, let our Twist Card do double-duty. Use a photo from your Wedding or Engagement photo shoot on one side and a Holiday message on the other.


They’re easy to use

  1. Choose your size/orientation
  2. Print and mount your photos/messages
  3. Fold and insert in a beautiful Envelopments envelope
  4. Mail

Get 20% off Twist Cards through the end of the year by using the code TWISTCARD20 online at or in-store with one of our talented Dealer/Designers—With the extra money you saved, go ahead and order custom postage

For more inspirations see Envelopments Design Inspirations or the Twist Card Pinterest Community Board


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