Groomsmen Duties in Details

Being a groomsman is a privilege, but behind that badge of honor lies a big responsibility. Groomsmen have specific duties they need to do before and during a wedding. Many of which are vital in making the event play out smoothly.

If you’re a groomsman, you may want to know what your duties are and what are expected of  you. You don’t want to appear at you best mate’s wedding only to find out you have tasks which you are not fully prepared for. Thus, always be in the loop of the arrangements.

For starters, here are some common things you may need to do:

Pay For Your Own Suit

Though the engaged couple offer to pay for their entourage’s outfits and accommodations, they’re not obliged to do so. The burden rests on each individual groomsman and bridesmaid.

Groomsmen are expected to pay for their own suit, their own fare, and their own hotel rooms (if you don’t live in the same area as the couple). If you’re strapped for cash, you can ask the groom if you can crash on their couch so you won’t have to spend as much.

Your main concern should be your outfit. Don’t worry, rental groomsmen suits are relatively cheap.

Purchase a Wedding Present

Your own expenses are meager compared to the costs that the couple will shoulder for their wedding. You’ve been chosen as a groomsman; that means you’re one of the groom’s closest and most trusted friends. In other words, they love you. So give them some love back and but them a gift.

If you’re unsure of what to buy, check out ideas for groomsmen as they can also be great presents for the groom! You’re the best of buds, and probably share many common hobbies with them; it should be relatively easy for you to pick a gift.

Alternatively, you can also chip in with your fellow groomsmen. That way, you all can buy something worth more that each of you could buy individually.

Help Find A Pair of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are different from engagement rings. They’re what the couple will wear once they’re married and are usually less gaudy. However, they’re still expensive.

Of you can help the couple find an affordable set of wedding bands, you’ll be doing a huge favor. They may already be overwhelmed by a barrage of bills for the wedding itself, so any tip to a cheaper alternative can alleviate  their headaches.

Attend Pre-Wedding Activities

Pre-wedding activities, like prenuptials and rehearsals, are important to ensure that the wedding will go through with great success. They also make the days leading to the wedding – and the occasion itself – even more memorable.

As a groomsman, your most important job before the wedding is to help the best man organize a bachelor party for your groom. It’s the twilight of their life as a single before the responsibilities of a married life kick in; thus, go all out in making the best stag do ever.

Guide Guests During the Reception

Groomsmen are ushers and attendants to the groom. In medieval times, they helped the groom fight off angry relatives and rival suitors after stealing the bride-to-be, hence the term groom’s men. Glad that part is history, but hey, if you really want to go medieval, why not do your own LARP wedding?

Anyways, on the actual day of the wedding, your duty is to help guests to their seats. Usually, groomsmen escort the women while the bridesmaids do the same to the men.  If several guests arrive all at once, assist the eldest lady first then the next oldest one.

And Remember to Stay Informed

In many cases, the couple may want to do a dance entrance  together with their entourage. It’ll be really awkward if you’re not a part of that, so always keep in touch with the rest of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids.

A wedding, after all, is a collaborative effort, starting with the bride and groom and, by extension, their respective attendants.  Work together to make the occasion as joyous as possible for everyone involved –  the wedded couple particularly.



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  1. I’m a wedding officiant and have officiated thousands of weddings, so I have seen all sorts of behavior.

    Mainly, I’d like to say, a groomsmen needs to be aware.

    Take off your sunglasses before the wedding ceremony (unless the wedding party are all wearing fun sunglasses), and spit out your gum before you even get to the wedding location. Silence and put away your cell phone for the wedding AND reception. Be warm and friendly. Don’t outshine the groom. And remember: this day is not about YOU.

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