Handmade Floating Pearl and Crystal Necklace

The floating necklace gives the illusion of beads floating around your neck. This necklace can be made for the lovely bride or as necklaces for bridesmaids. You can use pearls, crystals, or gem stones that compliment your dress. This tutorial is easy and would be a great way to spend the day with your bridesmaids before the wedding.

Fig 13
Materials for floating necklace


  • Clear Monofilament
  • 80 crimp beads, 2 mm
  • 15 glass pearls, 8 mm
  • 15 crystal rounds, 4 mm
  • 2 stardust crimp covers, 4 mm
  • 2 jump rings, 4 mm
  • 1 toggle set


Step 1: Cut 3 lengths of clear monofilament (I cut 19-, 21-, and 23-inch lengths). I left an extra inch that will be used in making the end loops.

Step 2: Insert the clear wires into a crimp bead and make a loop passing it back through the crimp bead. Crimp the bead tightly to secure it in place.

Fig 1 Fig 2

Step 3: Thread on another crimp bead and position until it is approximately 1/4-inch from the end of the wire. Take crimp bead pliers and crimp bead securely.

Fig 3

Step 4: Add one pearl and follow with crimp bead. Place crimp bead close to your bead and secure it with crimp pliers.

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6

This time, leaving a space of approximately 1/2-inch after your beads, repeat Step 3. Thread on a crystal, and crimp bead. Secure crimp bead with crimp bead pliers.

Fig 7

Step 5: Continue this way, alternating your crystals and pearls. Repeat with the other two wires. Add beads randomly or follow a pattern. Beads should cover approximately 16 inches on one strand, 18 inches on another strand, and 20 inches on the last strand, measured from first bead to last bead.

Fig 8

Step 6: Pick up your strands of wire with all three meeting at the end. Thread a crimp bead on to end, and repeat Step 2. Place your crimp cover over crimp bead and close tightly. Do this for both ends of the necklace.

Fig 9

Step 7: Insert jump ring through wire loop and toggle loop.

Fig 10

Close jump ring and repeat on the other end. Your necklace is now ready to wear.

Fig 11

Fig 12


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