A Happily Ever After: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Wedding

Ladies, admit it or not, we all dreamed to be a princess when we were younger and as we grow older, we imagine ourselves as a lonely princess living in a tall castle and waiting for our own prince charming to come and save us just like in fairytales. Wishing that you’ll end up in a happily ever after. Oh!! Too sweet and romantic!!! Well, one of  the royalties, Prince Harry already found his princes whom he’ll spend his forever with. And probably the moment that you read this, Meghan and Prince Harry already tied the knot and strengthen their love in marriage. But, what does it feel like to be a royalty? How does it feel to prepare a royal wedding? Well, prepare yourself to be astounded with the wedding cost that the couple spent for their special day. To know more about their detailed wedding expenses, check out https://costfigures.com/meghan-markle-and-prince-harry-wedding-cost/


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