Heather + Bryan

One common thread in the DIY weddings we present is the involvement of friends and family in the couple’s planning and execution of their wedding day. Heather and Bryan’s friends and family came together to create this beautiful budget wedding – in just a few months!

In photographer Danielle Daigle’s words: “Heather and Bryan are an amazing couple, and truly some of the sweetest people I have met. They planned their wedding in only a few short months with the help of friends and family… and I thought they pulled together a beautiful event in that short amount of time. Their main color was green. They went with a nature and citrus theme, which was a brilliant idea to keep the costs down (but NOT cut on quality!).”   One of our favorite tips is to use nature as your decorating partner. Utilizing the rich colors, textures, and abundance of the outdoors is often an easy way to save some cash while creating a stylish and intimate backdrop for your ceremony and reception. Love it!

Heather + Bryan

January 22, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona


Photographer: Danielle Daigle Photography

Hair Stylist: Hair with Estevan

Reception Venue: Valley Garden Center


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