Heather & Robert’s Vintage/Steampunk Engagement

Heather and Robert, awesomely creative couple, wanted to balance their fairly traditional wedding with a totally fun “dress up” engagement shoot that celebrates unique styles they love so much. And they rocked it.

As Heather tells us:

It just seemed like so much more fun! If you’re going to get “dressed up” anyway, why not go all out? I think it also helped my fiancé feel more comfortable with photographing displays of affection, since he was “in character”.

One of the other main reasons involves my love of sewing and costume making. I started sewing in high school because I wanted a costume to wear to the renaissance festival, but couldn’t afford to buy one. My Mom taught me on her 1960’s Kenmore machine. I also started making everyday clothes as well. Over the years the costumes have become increasingly more diverse and elaborate, but I don’t have many pictures of them, let alone professional portraits. I figured this was a great opportunity, and I knew Tracey would capture them beautifully. We had a fantastic time! Martin and Tracey were wonderful, and the pictures came out better than I could have ever hoped for. I highly recommend a themed/ costumed engagement session to anyone, especially those who love a particular style but don’t necessarily want it to dominate their wedding.



My hubby and I have known Heather and Rob for many years through swing dancing. It was a wonderful surprise to us all when they started dating and became “an item”. It was even more wonderful when Heather called us with the news that Rob had popped the question while they were on vacation and that they wanted me to be their wedding photographer. I knew of Heather’s love of sewing and costuming and was excited at the opportunity to incorporate it into their engagement session. We had a blast shooting the steampunk and 40’s retro portions of our session at the very cool Gold Coast Railroad Museum. Heather and Rob’s wedding will take place at the Sample-McDougald House in Pompano Beach, Florida on October 11, 2014. There will be lots of sweet and meaningful DIY details of course. Heather wouldn’t have it any other way.

Heather & Robert
Steampunk//Love Through Time
Goldcoast Railroad Museum, Florida
Event Date: May, 2014


Photographer:  PhotoNotions Photography, LLC//Museum: Goldcoast Railroad Museum// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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