Jessica + Evan

While DIY for most of us means creating invitations and decoration. For Jessica and Evan, do-it-yourself meant transforming Jessica’s parents property into their venue.

In the words of photographer Anne Nunn:

Jessica and Evan’s wedding took place on her parent’s property near a wetland area in Oregon. She showed us the property 6 months before the wedding and it was not even close to being ready for a ceremony. She shared with us their plans of how they are going to make it ready, and I couldn’t help but get excited! I knew it was going to be beautiful! That was an understatement!

They had cleared paths so the guests could walk through the picturesque property while signing the guest book, getting their picture taken by an old oak tree, and choosing their ball jar that had been decorated with their wedding date to fill with water or wine to drink during the ceremony. They family had perfectly placed the ceremony location underneath two large trees and built a simple platform as a place to exchange wedding vows.

The ceremony took place at a time when the sun was setting behind the trees, making it the most beautiful setting. The family also built all of the open buildings for the cake and for the guests seating. And then added draped, flowing fabric to cover the buildings. One of the family members arranged the bouquets and purchased potted plants for the tables, and she did a marvelous job! They left trees and added more native plants to the reception and ceremony area so they could hang lanterns and candles; making every detail perfect throughout the wedding day.



Jessica Minniti & Evan Scarola
October 02, 2010
Oregon, United States

Photographer:  Anne Nunn Photographers
Reception Venue:  Private Residence
Dress Store:  Blush Bridal Salon
Dress Designer:  Allure Bridals
Cake Designer:  Leda Hermecz

5 thoughts on “Jessica + Evan”

  1. I had been wanting to do something very similar to this for my wedding. My fianceé had pointed out one problem though, we hadn’t considered restrooms. I didn’t like the idea of my guests having to go into the dreaded port-a-potty either. How did they over come this problem for their wedding?

  2. I never forethought that simplicity in a wedding can be as grand as elegance….this one is a showcase of a humble and simple yet excellent wedding concept..

  3. I know one couple who had 2 weddings – one in Asia for the family there, and one back in the UK for the family on that side.

    One was much more expensive than the other, but that didn’t matter, they had a special day for both sides of the family and that’s what counted.


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