Jessica + Tom’s Elegant Outdoor Wedding

I mean seriously!?  This wedding is just a little bit of everything perfect that you wish for in a wedding.  A little tradition- a white and a red dress for luck.  Check!  A little style- how ’bout some mismatched groomsmen?  Check!  Some sophistication, mixed with a hair of rugged outdoorsy feeling.  Check!  Some simple and modern elegance plus a little laid back fun.  (read the signs for a good laugh)  Double Check!    You going to love the gallery that Bryan Rupp Photography has created that captures a glimpse of how one couple just gets all that needs to go into a wedding and marriage.

One thousand paper cranes is sometimes believed to grant a wish to the completer of the task.  In this case, Jessica and Tom may have wished for just a little more time.  Jess let us in on their plan to fold the cranes in batches over their two year engagement.  A little procrastination later (like the night before the wedding) Tom had to stay up late to complete the last 200.  Go Tom for DIY’ing to the bitter end!

When Jessica told me that Tom had designed and hand printed all of the stationery and paper products and that she hand sealed each envelope with the traditional Chinese wedding symbol of “double happiness,” it pretty much “sealed” the deal that this was going to be a phenomenal wedding.  The kind of artistry it takes to feature your own watercolor and ink drawings, and fold 1000 paper cranes, and carve the figurines adorning the cake- you just know there will be nothing less to capture but pure pretty. But purely pretty is too much too modest for this amazing bash at Bridal Veil Lakes.  All of the traditional but modern, rustic yet elegant, great outdoors but perfectly intimate details of this affair was brilliantly captured by Bryan Rupp Photography.  We can’t thank you enough for sharing this day with us Bryan Rupp.  And a thousand years of happiness to Jessica and Tom!  Congratulations!

Vendor Information:

Photographer: Bryan Rupp Photography

Caterer: Simpatica Catering

Event Planner:  Champagne NW

Floral Designer:  Petalos

Reception Venue:  Bridal Veil Lakes

Cinema and Video:  Shields Films
Submitted via Two Bright Lights
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  1. Incredibly beautiful, clever, romantic, sweetly executed, PERFECT! Love this and your intro couldn’t be more spot on! Congratulations Jessica ♥ Tom!

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