Jessica + Travis’ Whimsically Elegant Wedding

This wedding is the kind of thing that short circuits robots with its creative genius! I think I cried for the emotional value of this wedding as much as I did for the DIY.  Full of all sorts of personal embellishments, each gorgeous photo captures the heartwarming union of a family.   You will kick yourself for not taking the time to enjoy this amazing gallery.  Jessica was a single mom that has completed her family in the very best way, by joining it with another.  Equal parts elegant and whimsical, Jessica and her mom designed nearly every aspect of this fantastic fete.  Soda Fountain Photography has captured every loving gaze, sigh inducing stare and awe inspiring detail that  beg for you to “take your seat” and love every minute of this super fun soiree.

Jessica’s mom is a jewelry designer and designed the all the jewelry from Jessica’s hand strung pearl headpiece and bracelet to Travis’ ring.  The DIY centerpieces are one of the most architecturally awesome pieces of work I’ve seen in a long time and I am dying over the “seating” cards.  I’m at such a loss for words for the adorable wire robots and figures adorning the room.  Can you hear my circuits overloading with joy?  All I can do is squeal in DIY delight!  And I have to say in the realm of photo booths, this one just looks like sooo much fun!

This is the kind of wedding that makes me hate my job.  It forces me to choose only a few pictures to highlight from stunning emotion filled photos and mind blowing DIY.  It leaves me dumbfounded for words to express the beauty and sentiment of such a special occasion.  It coerces me to re-imagine future anniversary shoots and party themes…Wait, that’s why my husband hates my job.  Who am I kidding!  There’s nothing I could possibly hate about being surrounded by creative and gorgeous designers and artists day after day.  There isn’t a single thing anyone could possibly dislike after seeing what Soda Fountain Photography has caught in Jessica and Travis’ whimsy and elegant wedding.  I really don’t know who to thank more Jessica and Travis for such a remarkable event or Soda Fountain Photography for catching every breathtaking detail of this emotion filled moment of what is today one of my favorite weddings yet.  How about a congratulations and GIANT thank you to you all for sharing this special day with us!

Vendor Information:

Photography: Soda Fountain Photography

Venue: Armour House, Lake Forest

Shoes: Cole Haan Air Bacara Red Ballet flats

Jewelry: Debra Zar

Flowers & Details: Gand Florist and Debra Zar

Ceremony Musicians:Highland Park Pops

Dessert: Deerfields Bakery

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

  1. Thanks so much for this lovely post – – and for the reminder of our incredibly special day and the fabulous people who helped us create and then capture it! Soda Fountain Photography was phenomenal to work with 🙂

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