Kaitlyn + Tim’s DIY In-the-Woods Wedding

You don’t have to completely DIY everything in your wedding to be considered as a DIY wedding. Here at DIY Bride, we very much appreciate seeing different creative ways couples and their friends and family come up with to personalize the wedding. This summer Connecticut wedding I’m sharing with you this morning is a spectacular all hands-on wedding from Katie Slater Photography. Kaitlyn + Tim both come from a family history of farmers, so it only makes sense for their union to be set in the beautiful outdoors. Their apparent love for nature, farming, and rustic touches dominate as the main themes for their wedding.

Oh look at that all pink peony bridal bouquet! What a beauty! Swoon. You know what else is also very dreamy and hikes up the envy-meter? Horse-drawn carriage. That’s right! Kaitlyn + Tim had horse-drawn carriage to transport all of the wedding party to where the ceremony was held… with all the guests looking on. But their picture-perfect day started even before that, where they shared a very emotional First Look.

Notable DIY details from Kaitlyn:

“Tim works for the state cutting down trees. He cut down a beautiful birch and I demanded that he take it home and not waste its beauty in a wood chipper. He cut them into round disks using our neighbor’s amazing saw. The mason jars were originally clear and we used glass paint to make them appear to be a vintage mason jar blue. The mason jar decorations were hand assembled…The table numbers were all hand made from sticks in my back woods. This was my friend Tara’s idea. She deeply regrets it because it took countless hours to make them all! The rest of the materials were from Saveoncrafts.com and were assembled by my bridesmaids and I. The tea stained doilies were actually stained using diluted coffee at 3 am two days before the wedding. Tim was laughing because he didn’t think he would ever in his life dry 300 doilies at 3 am with a hairdryer in a room full of girls…

(For wedding favors) Tim and I have 60 blueberry bushes. We honestly picked every single blueberry produced by our bushes the summer prior to our wedding. They are heirloom organic berries. The mothers and I made made several batches of our secret blueberry lemon jam recipe. It took days! My maid of honor designed the labels for the jars. My bridesmaids helped cut the fabric and tie each and every jar.Place stickers were also designed by my MOH.

The archway decoration for the ceremony was made with materials from saveoncrafts.com and my MOH and I created it together over a few days…” Fantastic job done on the arch you two! I love it when besties work on pretty projects together!

I want to mention one last very sweet detail this couple did. Kaitlyn + Tim had a candle made (shown above) in honor of his older brother Andy who passed away when Tim was in 8th grade. Kaitlyn mentioned that it was very hard for Tim not to have his brother there, so this was their way of making sure his presence was there.


“The candle was a vase engraved with “In Loving Memory of Andy.” We filled the vase with water and added a floating candle to the top. This way his candle will never burn down and can be lit for years to come. Tim’s younger brother Casey asked to have it for his wedding coming up in the fall of 2014.”

Thank you Kaitlyn + Tim and  Katie Slater Photography for sharing with us this beautiful & super dreamy DIY wedding!


Photographer:  Katie Slater Photography//Wedding Date: June 29, 2013//Transportation:Cedar Knoll Draft Horses//Cake Designer: Chocolate Rose Bakeshop//Floral Designer:Edinboro Flower Shop//Dress Store: La Reine Bridal//Dress Designer:San Patrick//DJ:Upbeat DJ//Reception Venue:Wright’s Mill Tree Farm//Bridesmaid Dresses:WToo//

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  1. for the archway, could you tell me what materials you used? ive looked on saveoncrafts but didn’t really find anything similar, Thank you so much

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