Katie + Joey

Katie and Joey had their wedding at the historic L&N depot in Bowling Green, KY.

Couple’s Names: Katie & Joey
Location: L&N Depot – Bowling Green, KY, USA
Projects DIY’ed : Everything except for the cake
Photographer: Paul Rowland Photography

Notes from the photographer: It was a gorgeous day, and everything down to the last detail was planned perfectly (coloring books for the children? Brilliant!). They broke with tradition and wanted to have pictures done together before the ceremony–I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on Joey’s face when he viewed his gorgeous fiance in her wedding dress for the first time. We managed to sneak away at some point during the reception as the sun was setting on their first evening as husband and wife – the light truly was amazing and helped make for some memorable images. Congratulations and I wish you both the best on your move to Ohio!

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