Kelley + Larry’s Backyard Carnival Wedding

Step right up folks!  You are about to enjoy the super fun nuptial spectacle of Kelley and Larry!  There’s fun and games!  Tears and smiles!  There’s dazzling DIY and photos you’ll have to see to believe!    Is there really a need to say anything more!?  Well maybe just that every last detail of this whimsical vintage carnival makes me giddy with delight!  Anda Photography has certainly won a prize for capturing a perfect blend of whimsy and home sweet style that only Kelley and Larry could create.

Kelley + Larry's Backyard Carnival Wedding

Kelley’s super cute dress was a bridal consignment find that with a few alterations (like chopping off three feet of skirt or so) created a perfectly vintage-esque frock.  To combat her allergies, Kelley tackled some beautiful paper blooms and bouts that complimented the bright and cheery carnival atmosphere perfectly.  Kelley’s no trickster carnie though.  She shared with us that they weren’t quite coming out the way she wished and managed to send her materials to a vendor that shaped them into the fantastic arrangement you see here.   We’ve totally got a winner with the cupcake liner poms that adorned the backyard railing and enhanced the groom-crafted and painted signs.  Yep that mural cut-out, directional sign, and wedding banner were all groomie made.  (While we’d normally give him the big DIY prize, we think he fared pretty well with an awesome bride.)  So what’s the can’t miss key attraction of the show? The World Famous Carnival Cakes!  Handcrafted by a bud, a gluten-free, rice krispy treat, and funfetti set of mesmerizing beauties were worthy of biggest prize yet!

It’s weddings like these that make my job so fun!  A big thanks to Anda Photography for sharing this awesomely fun day!  I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from bride Kelley:

Make lists, prioritize, take on one task a day, give yourself reasonable deadlines and be sure to meet them. Don’t be scared of delegating, YOU CANT DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF! Perfection is impossible, be grateful for the love and support you’ll receive and don’t freak out if people don’t do things your way. Always remember you’re getting married because you love your spouse not because you love shiny things. Do keg stands.

Congratulations Kelley and Larry!

Vendor Information:

Date: July 21, 2012

Location: United States

Photographer: Anda Photography

Paper flowers: Bookish Bride

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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