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I feel quite giddy when a wedding submission comes in that subscribes to a “less is more” mindset approach to decor. In a time when weddings tend to be micro-planned to the most minute of details, it is refreshing to see a couple who nails a theme with a minimum of elements.

Holding their wedding on a farm and reception in a greenhouse, Kendra and John created a simple but fun garden-themed wedding. I love how the elements used are playful and minimal but still manage to be pretty.




Couple: Kendra + John
Wedding Date: May 2010
Location: Plymouth, New Hampshire
Photographer: Richard Esposito

Details About The Couple:  Back in 2003 Kendra and JJ were part of a group of 24 students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) who went to Australia to complete their Interactive Qualifying Projects. Kendra worked at the County Fire Authority on Wildfire Awareness Initiatives while John worked at the Melbourne Zoo surveying use and impact of multimedia zoo exhibits.

Kendra didn’t really know JJ very well when they got over to Australia, but they started to hang out together. At the end of the trip, a couple of students went to Tasmania. One night, Kendra was walking back to her room and she saw John sitting by the car waiting for her. They stared up at the stars some, and then he asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner with him when they got back to Australia. Kendra was a little surprised, because she was pretty sure he was interested in a friend of hers! But, realizing that he was serious about Kendra, they went out to dinner at the HardRock Cafe in Melbourne. Kendra says she had a wonderful time and started having trouble not smiling and giggling every time she thought about John! John left Australia before Kendra, and she remember him calling her up at the airport, asking me for another date when she got back to Worcester! Kendra was thrilled!

Once back in the States, they dated over the summer. Kendra was in Erie, PA for an internship, while John was in New Haven, CT for his internship. They talked to each other every couple of days, and then met up in Hershey, PA for a weekend. Back at college, they grew even closer and Kendra was in love! Upon graduation, Kendra mn to to Hartford, CT to work at Pratt and Whitney and John moved up to Nashua, NH to work at BAE Systems. Just about every weekend, one of them would make the 2 hour drive. After 3 years of driving, they decided to take the next step and move in together. After much decusion, they decided that Kendra should move up to New Hampshire. They bought a condo and Kendra notified Pratt that she was moving up north. They have been living together for the last 2 years with their two cats (Cassie and Olivia) and two horses (TJ and Rigo).

It’s been a long, fun 6 years, and now they are finally married! As most of their family was saying, it’s about time!

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