Kieu + Kevin’s Modern-Boho Canadian Wedding

Each and every couple are what make my job awesome!  They add all the unique and irreplaceable elements that make no wedding equal.  And Kieu + Kevin?  Well, they are certainly no exception!  They have managed to infuse equal parts of tradition and whimsy, modern and minimal, with eclectic boho style and yet remain the stars of this show!  You just know these two are great to be around!  R.A Photography was there to capture this totally amaze wedding where the sum of all the pretty little details glow just as bright as Kieu and Kevin’s smiles.


From the photographer:

Almost 90% of the details were done by the bride, groom and their families. Even the DJ was the groom’s friend and is in the bridal party. I loved all the special little details that made this wedding truly unique and special to Kieu and Kevin, especially the instagram photo posters they had hanging around the venue. What made this wedding even more special is that Kieu was 3 months pregnant on that day which made their celebration extra special.

Kieu’s insanely talented aunt is the floral goddess behind the utterly amazing floral crown and bouquets.  She also made the beautiful cake that played off of the Native American dream catcher theme.

Oh! What a dream wedding we have caught here!  Thank you R.A. Photography for sharing this extra special day!  Congratulation Kieu + Kevin!  (If I’m doing my math right, should owe you a double congrats on the birth of your baby!)  Good luck with all that comes your way!

Vendor Information:

Date: April 13, 2013

Location: Toronto, Canada

Photographer: R.A. Photography

Event Venue: Hotel Ocho

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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