Kimberly & Kody’s Farm-Glam Wedding

Whether dressed up or dressed down barns provide the perfect venue for rustic-chic weddings like this one of Kimberly and Kody. But while this gorgeous weathered barn and farmland makes for a beautiful backdrop for pictures, it’s the handmade details that really stand out and make this wedding special. (Well, that and this gorgeous, happy couple of course!)

Some of my favorite shots are of the locket on Kimberly’s bouquet, an abundance of handmade signs, personal photos, and a display of home-cooked treats. I can already feel you pinning those details, my friends!




Kimberly & Kody
Private Residence, Georgia
Event Date: September, 2013
Photography: Photo By Gannon

04 comments on “Kimberly & Kody’s Farm-Glam Wedding

  • DjTOD , Direct link to comment

    Annie, You did such wonderful job! Yes you had an amazing bide and groom, but you captured EVERYTHING! Love working with you.

    • Kimberly Crawford , Direct link to comment

      This is so awesome!!!!!! I have to say we are so blessed to have had such a great photographer! I cannot say enough nice things about you, your professionalism, and overall talent. Photo By Gannon is by far the best photographer I have ever seen! You really captured everything like DJTOD said. So talented and an absolute pleasure to work with!

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