Kirsten & Jordan’s Engagement

How can you not  just love a couple that incorporates part of their family history as part of their photo shoot?  Kristen and Jordan chose a very special location for their engagement session that’s beautiful and, more importantly, meaningful. Love that!

Photographer Erica Houck gives us the scoop:

Kristen and Jordan took me into their little world one Saturday afternoon to a property so sacred and special to their family history. The buildings that once stood and are barley standing was Kristen’s great grandmother’s house. It was destroyed back in the 1920’s and has never been touched since. Her grandmother built a home for her family soon after, which this property surrounds and is still still her home to this day. Not only did they include an amazing location, but they brought so many special props. For instance, the giant “L” for the first letter of their soon to be last name, the bike which was restored by Jordan, and the quilted blanket which was handmade from their grandmother out of old clothes worn by family.

Kristen & Jordan
Captured by Erica Houck Photography
Private Residence, California
Event Date: February, 2014


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